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Learning and Singing

During the evening sessions, the teenage and adult members sometimes have singing sessions.

Salut je m’appelle Aissatou ; je suis membres du centre Diapalante de Kaolack et j’ai 15 ans.

Je tiens vraiment de ces deux meilleurs chansons qui sont : Lean On Me et Stand By Me.

Ce sont des chansons  qui me plaisent beaucoup. Je n’ai jamais vue des autres chansons qui sont meilleurs que celles ci.  Je rêve toujours que je serai l’auteur de ces chansons; et aussi ca me touche beaucoup.Ces chansons me permettra de parler l’anglais parce qu ils se trouvent que ces chansons  ont  beaucoup de nouveaux mots à découvrir.


Hi my name is Aissatou; I am a member of the Diapalante center in Kaolack and I am 15 years old.

I have these two great songs, which are: Lean On Me and Stand By Me.

These are songs that I like a lot. I have never seen other songs that are better than these. I dream that I would be the author of these songs; and they touch me a lot. These songs will allow me to speak English because they have many new words to discover.

Translation by Lome (age 23)






Other Culture Days – Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night Chez Diapalante! On the fifth of november Diapalante learnt about and celebrated bonfire night along with the UK! The day started with a lesson on powerpoint and the history of bonfire night. The members then made posters about it – with great excitement about Toffee Apples! In the afternoon members designed their own Guy in groups (although in the end we couldn’t actually burn them)

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Maker Day #1

On the 30th we had our first maker day at the Diapalante centre! The children had great fun learning about electricity and then making light-up halloween lanterns to put in the library. The older children and adults had a great session led by a fellow member, who is a stylist, making jewelry and bracelets.

  • Making Halloween Lanterns