Monthly Archives: December 2016

Christmas Crafts

The younger members of the centre have really enjoyed in the build up to Christmas the chance to do some arts and crafts! They have made baubles to decorate the reading tree – including a sentence on what they are thankful for from the year –  reindeer masks, snowflakes, the Diapalante paper chain – with the name of a member of the Centre on each link –  and have helped make the Centre look truely fantastic!

Celebrating Computer Science Education Week and an Hour of Code at Diapalante

Combining language learning and technology learning is a key part of what we do at Diapalante so celebrating Computer Science Education week, with a focus on getting the members coding was great fun.

We had lessons on what coding actually is and why it is useful, on following instructions and the cardinal points – using this new language to direct each other round the centre. We did group and individual coding sessions – writing the language for games using blocks of code, while some members progressed to actually writing their own. Well done to the 17 members who completed fully their hour of code, and the many more who are almost there!