Monthly Archives: January 2017

Practical Sessions at Diapalante

As part of the normal function of the busy centre the equipment is subject to a fair amount of wear and tear. Therefore the members spent a busy morning learning practical skills – fixing chairs and tables!

Africa Cup of Nations and Sport

With the Africa Cup of Nations the Centre is very much embracing the sport theme – especially the chance to do all things football! This has involved lots of the areas of the Centre’s teaching – Maths, French, English and IT skills to name just a few so far, involving members of all ages.

Fitness Class at Diapalante

As part of the activities stemming from the theme of sport for this month at Diapalante the members enjoyed a particularly energetic evening of fitness classes led by other members.

One of the leaders of the session, writes:

L’activité corporel est un travail tres indipensable dans la vie de tout t’un chacun. Elle permet au corps de réspirer et d’étre en bonne santé. Et les membres de Diapalanté ont suent mettre en oeuvre toute cette energie en une arme pour le bien de tous les membres de Diapalanté centre. Avec des coaches expert en fitness et en sport, le centre diapalanté c’était défoullé avec des songs rythmé . Les sueurs tombaient à flots par une stimulation à la fois cardiaque et corporel. Moi, en tant que sportif de haut nivaux, je vous exortes à pratiquer le sport cotidiennement pour le bien-étre de votre corps.

Best translation done in subsequent lesson, by El Hadji Amadou:

Physical activity is very important for everyone’s life. It allows the body to breathe and to be in good health. The members of the Diapalante centre knew to put all their energy together for the well-being for all the members. With the coaches, experts in fitness and sport, the Diapalante centre was filled with rhythmic songs. The sweat rained down by the stimulation both cardiac and corporal. As a high level sportsman I encourage you to practice sport daily for the well-being of your body.




Library Sessions at Diapalante

Throughout the year we will be building on our reading tree. Members can borrow books and on their return they write a short review of the book on a leaf to add to the tree. There are also sessions at the centre which allow members to get help finding a suitable book for their age/level and learn how to use the library responsibly.

Electronics and Advent at Diapalante

As part of their lessons at Diapalante the members made an advent calendar. It was part of the lessons on electricity and electronics so the members made simple circuits to put inside the paper trees to make them light up when wanted.