Monthly Archives: February 2017

Dangers and Advantages of the Internet

As part of the theme for the month in february the members did a research and had lessons exploring the pros and cons of the internet and technology advances in general. This culminated in a three-hour long english and french debate on the topic, raising many important and well-thought through points from all parties.

Diapalante’s big clean-up morning

On the day of the tidy up morning Diapalante were pleased to welcome about 30 of our members for a big clean-up. No corner was left untouched and the centre was full of activity for the full 3 hours – washing, cleaning, sweeping, folding, dusting – until the centre shone!


Thanks to a member who has been running the fitness sessions at Diapalante, the members of Diapalante were invited to the first ever rando-fitness in the centre of Kaolack. As part of the crowd the members enjoyed the chance to walk/jog through the market and all the way out to Ndorong, accompanied by members of the gendarmarie and a truck playing music to keep everyone going through the heat! At the end of this walk the members were treated to several talks about healthy living, by local doctors and sports experts, and were even filmed by a local television crew!

More football!

Recently members have been learning how to use the internet to research effectively. This has been combined with learning to present information in an easy-to-read and/or attractive way. The most recent session has been researching the nick-names of football teams.

In English lessons letter writing has been a key theme. This has involved formatting and addressing letters along with learning key phrases.