Monthly Archives: April 2017

Art from Rubbish

Last week the Diapalanté centre were pleased to welcome an artist from Dakar to lead workshops in creating art from rubbish. The members used a variety of resources that could be found – Coconut shells, teapots, old keyboards, newspaper, drinks cans, empty bottles- anything that they had – to create a flock of birds that are now on display around the centre.

In appreciation of whiteboards

Hi this is Pippa and I would like to take a moment to thank those who bought the Diapalante advent calendar, especially in regards to the whiteboard pens. Whiteboards (and their pens) are one of the most handy and useful resources we are lucky enough to have at the centre. The large ones that can be put at the front of a lesson and allow ideas to be explored so that all the pupils can see and add to them, they also allow us to work in teams – sharing ideas and thought-processes clearly. The small whiteboards allow students to work without fear of making a mistake. Members can be very worried about writing things down wrong and whiteboards allow them the freedom to think creatively and thoroughly through their ideas without this becoming a problem. Whiteboard pens also mean that one (laminated) sheet can be used again and again allowing lots of members to benefit from the same resource and allowing it to be reusable. In summary, whiteboards and their pens are great.


Thanks to those who bought the Diapalante Advent Calendar the members of Diapalante enjoyed working from some brand-new exercise sheets to help them practice their French language skills (the language used in schools). Given that most children grow up speaking Wolof and then are taught entirely in French at school these French sessions are invaluable in not only allowing the members who are at school to improve their French, but also allowing them to gain the language skils needed to engage in all their other school subjects.

Maths at Diapalante

The younger members have really enjoyed a series of maths lessons on shapes and symmetry thanks to generosity of people who sponsored it in the Christmas booklet. The older members have also enjoyed a series of maths workshops on algebra, geometry and other varied topics, lead by a university maths student.