Monthly Archives: April 2018

A Crafty Bit of Maths!

At the Diapalante Community Education Centre the younger members enthusiastically set about making hexaflexagons quite unaware that, as well as a fun craft puzzle, they were doing a maths activity. It was a rewarding exercise, the hexaflexagons got everbody asking questions and trying to work out the answers with their friends.

A hexaflexagon

The first challenge was to follow the instructions to glue and fold the paper template to get from the row of triangles to the hexaflexagon. Then we had to work out how to flex the hexaflexagon to reveal its hidden surfaces. The flexing bit was easiest for those who were accurate in cutting, folding and gluing. But, with perseverance, we all got to a shape which flexed.

  • The hexaflexagon template.

Some maths was introduced by the session leaders, and some by the children:
What is this six sided shape called?
A regular hexagon is made up of how many equilateral triangles?
How many colours of triangles did we start with?
Why can’t we see them all now?
Where are the other colours hiding?

If you have never tried this, have a go. Hexaflexagon template.

Balloon Power!

After being shown a YouTube video, our youngsters were challenged to create a balloon powered racing car. With a prize for the best decorated and a prize for the car which travelled furthest they set to work with a will and were successful in creating a whole range of stylish working cars.

  • Youngsters make and decorate balloon powered cars.