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Abdou’s English Lesson

Here at Diapalante, we teach a range of subjects, often covering different ones at the same time. As part of our theme of citizenship, some of the members had the opportunity to improve both their English and their IT skills by responding to the question, ‘Why was Diapalante Centre created?’. Here is the response of  Abdou Seck, aged 14;

Diapalante Centre was created in 2010 to teach adults and children who have a problem with understanding or something else. It was created to better help the students who have a weakness in a subject like:

  • French
  • Maths
  • English

What do you do here at Diapalante?

I came to Diapalante when I was in CM2 (?). I had a problem with understanding in English but since I joined Diapalante I have mastered English as if it was my official language. I thank you.

Why do you like Diapalante?

I like Diapalante because people study something which they can use in the future, and it will be able to serve us.

What can we do to help Diapalante?

We must:

  • Do everything that they ask us to do.
  • Participate in lessons.
  • Keep the centre clean.
  • Not yell in the centre.
  • Clean the toilets.
  • Respect Master P and Corran but also the other members.

What Abdou didn’t say!

Abdou is a member of the team who fundraise for Diapalante by sewing items for sale in our online shop.






Abdou is also a member of the computer crew who maintain the Centre’s computer network.


Recently at Diapalante, we have been working with members of all ages on the subject of ‘Respect’. This included discussions on what exactly is respect, different types of respect, and how everyone can respect Diapalante Centre, the staff, and the other members! With some of the younger members, this culminated in a debate on what to do if someone disrespects another member. For older members, their work on respect combined with an IT lesson, and they learned how to use Microsoft Word to write a piece on somebody they respect.

A variety of posters on respect.

Helping a beginner with Microsoft Word.

‘How should you react if a pupil disrespects another?’