Monthly Archives: July 2018

In Praise of Lego

Here at Diapalante, we are very lucky to have a small collection of Lego in the library. Lego, and other games like it, are quite often overlooked in Britain in terms of education, but I’ve found this year that it can be a versatile tool to teach a vast number of subjects – and nobody is ever too old to enjoy Lego! You can use it to teach everything from basic maths, and English and French vocabulary, to complicated science and engineering. Kids (and adults) of all ages love to use it in any and every lesson. And, of course, it is invaluable to occupy kids too young to join in the lesson of the day! Nothing quite keeps kids calm and focused like Lego!

The creation of one of our younger members, aged 6.

Diapalante T-shirts

Everyone at Diapalante had a lot of fun creating our very own t-shirts! We used iron-on decals to print the Diapalante logo onto white t-shirts, and after some experimentation we perfected it, and create our very own Diapalante Centre T-shirt!

Some experimentation was required to get the logo perfect!

The finished product!