The members of the centre were treated to a playdoh-filled fun day thanks to those who bought the Diapalante christmas advent calendar. The morning was spent making the playdoh and learning about different types of measurements. In the afternoon everybody – young and older members alike – enjoyed creating a variety of creations – some very accomplished. The session ended with an introduction to electrical conductors and circuits – allowing members to make their work light up.

Fun and Team Games

Thanks to the generous support of those who bought the Diapalante advent calendar, almost 100 of the members of Diapalante enjoyed an exciting evening of team games and races which was well appreciated by all! The activities lasted over three hours, sending everyone home thoroughly tired out from the running, dodging, and chanting! There will be more of these evenings to come and they are highly anticipated by members of all ages!

Note from Miriam

Hi there, this is Miriam and I’m one of the British volunteers at the Diapalante centre. Unfortunately, after recieving my offers for university in September I have to return to England in March to complete resits. I am deeply saddened to be leaving so soon but my time here in Senegal has been truly amazing and the centre has been even better than I could have imagined.

The centre has been exciting, challenging and the wide range of things we do here will not be something I will forget. From teaching pre-school children the alphabet and number to talks about internet safety with teenage members and complex discussions in English with advanced members about the education system, gender roles and future development opportunities in Senegal. The members also love the opportunity to get involved in sports and competition such as a recent football and bucketball tournament and mini sports day. Ultimately the work I have done here has also been incredibly rewarding seeing the difference we are able to make even in a short time. Whilst teaching I have learnt so much, the community has been so welcoming and the members are just incredible, helpful and eager to learn in every moment.

Diapalante has become my family and I will undoubtedly return to the centre and family here in the not too distant future. This is not the end of my relationhip with Diapalante but just the beginning as its work here is helping the students here more than you can imagine and the people I have met here have really changed my ideas and my outlook on life. I want to take this as an opportunity to thank everyone who contributes to Diapalante, Liz, Master P and my volunteer partner, Pippa.

Visitors and asking questions

It has been a very busy few weeks at the Diapalante centre, first welcoming a family from England and now we are lucky to be hosting the chair of Diapalante’s trustees – Liz Chandler. This has been a fabulous opportunity for the members to practice asking and phrasing questions and learning about different people.


Dangers and Advantages of the Internet

As part of the theme for the month in february the members did a research and had lessons exploring the pros and cons of the internet and technology advances in general. This culminated in a three-hour long english and french debate on the topic, raising many important and well-thought through points from all parties.

Diapalante’s big clean-up morning

On the day of the tidy up morning Diapalante were pleased to welcome about 30 of our members for a big clean-up. No corner was left untouched and the centre was full of activity for the full 3 hours – washing, cleaning, sweeping, folding, dusting – until the centre shone!


Thanks to a member who has been running the fitness sessions at Diapalante, the members of Diapalante were invited to the first ever rando-fitness in the centre of Kaolack. As part of the crowd the members enjoyed the chance to walk/jog through the market and all the way out to Ndorong, accompanied by members of the gendarmarie and a truck playing music to keep everyone going through the heat! At the end of this walk the members were treated to several talks about healthy living, by local doctors and sports experts, and were even filmed by a local television crew!

More football!

Recently members have been learning how to use the internet to research effectively. This has been combined with learning to present information in an easy-to-read and/or attractive way. The most recent session has been researching the nick-names of football teams.

In English lessons letter writing has been a key theme. This has involved formatting and addressing letters along with learning key phrases.

Practical Sessions at Diapalante

As part of the normal function of the busy centre the equipment is subject to a fair amount of wear and tear. Therefore the members spent a busy morning learning practical skills – fixing chairs and tables!

Africa Cup of Nations and Sport

With the Africa Cup of Nations the Centre is very much embracing the sport theme – especially the chance to do all things football! This has involved lots of the areas of the Centre’s teaching – Maths, French, English and IT skills to name just a few so far, involving members of all ages.