Welcome to our Pets Photo Competition

Winners will feature in Diapalante’s 2021 online Pets Advent Calendar.

To enter the competition, read the green boxes below then use the Pay Now button below.
To visit the Advent Calendar go to diapalante.org/advent-calendar. Share the link with your family and friends ready for December 1st.

To Pay and enter your photo (or 2 photos)
1. An entry for one person costs £5 (for 1 or 2 photos).
2. After paying you will be taken to the entry page to upload your photos and submit your entry.
3. If you don’t have a PayPay account use the option (in grey) to Checkout as Guest.

Important note:
Click return to merchant when you have paid and this takes you to the entry form.

To Purchase Entries for Other People
1. Entry is £5 per person. If you wish to purchase entry for more than one person you can increase the number of entries shown before paying. If you don’t have a PayPay account use the option (in grey) to Checkout as Guest.
Very soon after paying you will receive a payment confirmation email from PayPal. If you do not see this please check your junk mail folder.  
2. Within a few days you will receive an email Entry Card from Diapalante. This will be sent to the same email address entered when you paid PayPal. This email Entry Card contains the instructions to enter either online or by email
3. Forward the email Entry Card to as many people as you purchased entries for. (Or print the email and give them the printed Entry Card.)
4. Entries close on 31st October 2021.

If something should go wrong or you do not receive your Entry Card email within 4 days please contact liz.chandler@diapalante.org giving your name, email and postal address as known to PayPal. This will help us resolve the issue promptly.