Freedom for Girls

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Help the girls at the Diapalante Community Education Centre as they work towards ending period poverty first for themselves and then for their classmates.

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Senegalese girls working to end period poverty.

Please help us to kickstart our new project which allows the girls who attend the Diapalante Community Education to improve their school attendance. As in many countries a large number of women and girls live without access to safe sanitary products. Without reliable pads the girls’ periods interrupt daily activities including school.
The development of reusable sanitary pads brings a solution to this problem. The teenage girls who attend the Diapalante Community Education Centre are running a pilot project to create a Diapalante Period Kit. The kit will last for several years and is a shoulder bag containing everything the girls need to attend school during their periods without mishap. Each girl will make her own kit.
While creating their Period Kit the girls will also be learning useful business and design skills including sewing skills, the research, development and costing of a product and how to keep simple business accounts.
Thank you for donating and supporting our girls!