In The Library

We’ve had a busy time here at Diapalante Centre, especially in the library. Being in charge of the library, I get to see the full extent of the members that come to Diapalante. We have books for all ages and abilities, in both English and French (and some in both), so the library is accessible to nearly everyone.

However, books aren’t the only resource available in the library. We also have a selection of educational games and activities which members can borrow and use. The Scrabble in particular is very popular, with members playing in both English and French!

As well as being a valuable resource for the members, it’s also a quiet place to sit and read, or to work on homework. The space is also used for small lessons and one-to-one help with anything from English to Maths,  and even essay-writing!

The library is invaluable, both to us and to the members. The opportunity to take books home gives people what can be their only chance to discover the joys of reading, and to focus on their learning without distraction.

A selection of the books available in the library.

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