Introducing the Diapalante Volunteers ’17/18

Salaamaalakum !
After a hectic few weeks, we have finally found 5 minutes to introduce ourselves. The centre now knows us (Corran and Polly) as Awa and Mame Diara and it is so exciting to be open for business. It has been a tough few weeks acclimatising to the heat and the bites… mosquitoes, we see you! However, we’re loving working at the centre – it’s challenging but so incredibly rewarding, and the members are all amazing!

My name is Polly and I live in the Scottish Borders. I live at home with my family and our conglomeration of animals. I completed my A Level examinations in June and am currently waiting for replies to my university application. I chose Project Trust as they are the only gap year charity that sends volunteers overseas for a year. Senegal was always my number one choice at it is a francophone country and as such I have applied to do BA Modern Languages at University. In May, I was told that was going to Senegal with Diapalante Senegal and it was at that point that it really began to feel real! Having never even left Europe before, the prospect of living in a different continent approximately 3000 miles from home was daunting and in all honesty it is still daunting for me now! Bring on the next year!

Hi, I’m Awa, formerly known as Corran, and I’m from the North-East of Scotland. I’m a linguist at heart, and am hoping to study English Literature and Linguistics when I come back. I’m in charge of the library here at Diapalante, although I do my fair share of teaching as well! I love reading, and English, and am hoping to pass on some of that love to the members here. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the members’ English will improve throughout the year (and how many Scottish idioms they accidentally pick up!). As well as being interested in languages, I also really enjoy both Maths and Physics, and am relishing the opportunity to try and make these traditionally difficult subjects more accessible to the members!

Corran and Polly

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