Introducing the new Diapalante Volunteers

Hello! We are the new volunteers at the Diapalante centre in Kaolack! We’ve been here for a month now so it seems high time to introduce ourselves!

My name is Pippa Sayers (though I’m Fatima Kane now!) and I am working with the kids especially in the computer room here and English teaching too. I am really interested in science and maths and hope to do some fun science with the kids here! I also like making things and craft along with a bit of sport – especially swimming and basketball! I’m really enjoying getting to know the members and organising the maker days so the members can learn different and exciting skills. I’ve been really surprised (in a good way) about how keen the members are to come to the centre – some every day!

My name is Miriam Amrani and I’m working with the kids and adults in the library and with English teaching. I love history, science and most importantly here, football. I play football and rugby back in England and hope that we can organise some more sport with the kids in the centre. So far we’ve organised some really helpful festive sessions including for halloween and bonfire night which has included introducing new vocabulary and testing verbs, we’ll hopefully get more done towards Christmas. I’m really pleased with how enthusiastic and driven to learn English the students are.



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