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One of the things Diapalante prides itself on most is its accessibilty to people from all walks of life. For most young adults, writing an application can be a daunting task. It can be the make or break for getting into university or applying for a job. Several members have been given the significant opportunity to live overseas.

For us Project Trust Volunteers, we are on the same page, having written a similar application nearly 2 years ago now. We were able to share our knowledge with the members who came searching for help.

Sadibou came to the centre hoping to find someone who would be able to help with his interview with the American Embassy in Dakar. And to the right place he came! A key member ofthe Kaolack community, he organises all the main Hip-Hop and dance events that happen in the city. Sadibou had made his initial application to do a Leadership Program to do with culture in AMerica. His dream was to go to America and create links with Kaolack in order to promote young people’s opportunities in the Arts sphere. He came in every day for a week in the hope of improving his interview skills and to fine tune his responses in accordance with the questions.

Mor Talla is a conscientious member at Diapalante who is often helping out organising events and helping the centre run smoothly. With the help of Corran and Polly, he wrote his application to the US Embassy for the Pan African Youth Leadership Program. This opportunity enables him to live in America for 3 weeks. He will be able to share Senegalese culture as well as absorb some American culture too. Only just last week he passed the first round, and had an Skype interview with the US Embassy. He said he thought the iterview was successful and that the questions were similar to that on his application.

The team at Diapalante all have their fingers and toes and eyes crossed hoping that both Sadibou and Mor Talla are granted these fantastic opportunities – GOOD LUCK BOYS!

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