Changing Lives

We take great pride in the projects run by our partners.
In West Africa Diapalante works closely with communities to bring lasting improvements to the lives of people living in two of the world’s “Least Developed Countries” (United Nations).
In Senegal the Diapalante Community Education Centre offers “Education for all”.
In Mauritania our Diapalante Mauritanie supports widowed or divorced women to create a reliable income, helping them live sustainably within their village community.
Your donations enable us to support these communities as they develop projects which bring life changing opportunities to more people.
In South Africa our partner’s project has been established for 50 years, we assist with sustainable finance.

In Country Led Development

We believe in locally led development and support our partner as they develop which address the needs of the communities in which they live. We encourage them to take ownership of the projects and to design and deliver projects which meet local priorities. Our role is as a supporter, finding the funding and resources that are not accessible locally. When we registered as a UK charity in 2005 we chose the name Diapalante as this name has meaning in the communities in which we work, it establishes that we are partners working together towards a common goal.

Questions of Sustainability

Together with our local partners, we regularly consider various aspects of each project’s sustainability into the future.

  • Sustainable impact addresses the design of the project with the goal of ensuring the positive impact of a project on the lives of beneficiaries carries on after the project intervention has ended.
  • Community sustainability addresses how the community will carry out the project activities in the future.
  • Organisational sustainability addresses whether ourselves and our local partners have strong enough organisational structures to continue to function into the future.
  • Financial sustainability considers the financial support required for the project and/or the organisation to continue into the future: whether the project can generate income or will continue to need funds raising to meet ongoing costs.
  • Environmental sustainability. This is about about the effects the project has on the environment aiming to increase the positive effects and reduce the negative effects. Within this area the climate emergency is our priority.
We also take account of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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