The Diapalante Community Education Centre …

Eager to learn

Life in one of the world’s least developed countries is tough: job, food and health insecurity are commonplace and many jobs do not provide an adequate income. The Diapalante Community Education Centre identifies educational issues that hold back adults and children from surviving and thriving in their community, and prioritises the issues that the Centre is best placed to address.

Diapalante is at the heart of the community. Everyone is welcome to come and learn at the Centre and people come as their many other commitments allow. Often members are both learners and volunteers. For example: teenage learners volunteer for training in our Young Leaders programme before leading activities for primary school children while trained adults and older teenagers help in the literacy programme for young people who do not attend school. The Centre also benefits from links with the local education authority and other community organisations.

Community Education

Helping individuals gain the skills they need to build successful and fulfilling lives.

A better start at school

For many Senegalese children schooling is in a language they do not understand – French. In our successful after-school project Young Leaders organise fun activities which improve both the children’s mastery of French and their overall school results.


Work experience

Through the Diapalante Community Education Centre’s volunteering programme teenagers and adults gain both training and real-life work experience. The knowledge, skills and understanding gained are valuable assets in the search for employment.

Literacy for adults

The livelihoods of many adults who are unable to read and write are under increasing threat from a growing need for formal documentation. The Diapalante Centre’s literacy groups helps these bread-winners improve their literacy skills and avoid losing their jobs.

Resources for learning

We all learn from people around us but our horizons widen when we have access to books and to the internet. Most people do not own books in Senegal, so the Centre’s small library and computer room provide valued learning opportunities.

Learning for work

In addition to the training for volunteers exercises and short courses develop practical, design and financial skills to provide a broad skillbase and improved opportunities in the world of work.

English really matters

The Diapalante Centre has a growing reputation for its English teaching.
English is a highly valued skill whether you are a dealer in secondhand goods, an exporter of peanuts or Senegalese art, or an aspiring footballer or musician.

How to contribute to these projects

There are so many ways that businesses large and small, schools and individuals can help.

Donate equipment

The Community Education Centre makes good use of many donated items. These include but are not limited to new or reusable:
* sewing machines (domestic and industrial)
* computers and laptops,
* office equipment and stationery,
* school furniture
* stacking chairs.

Business partners

In addition to donations of equipment and funds
Tech for good – Redesign our database
Expertise in social media,
Developing corporate relationships


Learning partnerships and exchanges

We offer and benefit from a range of partnerships: with University and College groups, secondary and primary schools, community organisations – both youth groups eg scouts, guides, Duke of Edinburgh, Project Trust and groups for adults eg churches, WI.

Corporate and small businesses

Donations of money or goods in kind to develop new programmes or continue the Diapalante Community Education Centre’s existing projects.

Donations from individuals

Every donation, whether a regular or a single donation, helps the Diapalante Community Education Centre to continue its outreach from year to year. Birthday fundraisers on Facebook. Employer matched funding

Trusts and foundations

These funds enable us to develop new projects at the Diapalante Community Education Centre.
Ongoing funding which contributes towards the Centre’s core costs is gold dust. We would love to receive funding towards the continuing delivery of the excellent programmes the Centre has developed.

Support us today and change the course of a life!