Wonderful Wax

This month’s theme is Art and Culture, so the team at Diapalante have had the opportunity to unleash their inner creativity. The activity we used to kick start this month’s theme was exploring wax resist. The aim was to see how oil-based materials resist water-based materials. First we used wax crayons to draw out our pictures. Once we were satisfied, we then put a wash of blue ink over the picture we had drawn. What we discovered was that the ink only covered the non-wax areas; although, the droplets of ink left on the wax sometimes dried there too.

When the ink had little to no water mixed in it was darker which made it perfect for night skies. However, when the ink was washed in with more water it was lighter and worked better for sea and sky. The activity was successful because everyone had to opportunity to try it out and everyone learnt about wax being resistant.

Below is some of the students’ work!

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